St. Louis Metro Business Law

The BiState Business Law Center provides a variety of services to business in the St. Louis Metro area that help them increase profits, maximize efficiency and focus on the passions that started the business in the first place.  Our lawyers bring experienced, legal and business insight to every issue, whether a client needs a lease reviewed or is involved in complex civil litigation.

Our attorneys are also recognized leaders in the legal field, and frequently teach, speak, write on legal issues affecting businesses in the St. Louis area. Most important, and what sets up apart from other law firms, is that we are committed to finding the best solution for our clients, not the solution that brings us the most fees.

General Business Services

Intellectual Property Services

The most valuable asset for many businesses cannot be picked up, stuffed in a safe or guarded under lock and key. For most of our client’s their true worth is measured in knowledge and goodwill. Intellectual Property is the data, the customer support, and the know-how that moves business forward and draws in new customers. We use the law to protect clients’ intellectual property, registering and managing their sensitive data and protect it from theft, misuse and tarnishment.


Registration and Management

Claim your data – We help you protect and profit from your info.


Own Your Brand

We protect and build client’s brand names.

Trade Secrets

Keep It Safe

Create legal protections around your most valuable data.


Create Revenue Streams

We help clients leverage their intellectual property into new sources of income.

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New Business Start-Up Services

You are passionate about something: cooking, design, construction.  You’ve spent years learning the craft and planning for the day you would strike out on your own.  If that day has come, the lawyers at the BiState Business Law Center can help you lay a strong legal foundation to build your dream upon.